3 Feb

I love my Derechos Humanos class. The other students come from different programs, although sadly not different countries. The teacher, at first seemed strict and mean, is actually easy-going and more understanding of her class’s needs, aka short attention span. She speaks in Spanish very fast, but for some reason, she is much easier to understand. She would lecture the first half of class and the second half we usually move around, do something active and participatory that gets us discussing and talking about human rights issues and voicing our opinions about it to see each others’ points of view. Everyone in my class has already studied in Barcelona the past semester, making them a veteran and me a newb, but it’s okay.

For dinner today:

I had pescadillos, which are medium to small-sized fish that are battered and fried, no bones; this salty lo mein type noodle with really soft beef, and yes, my favorite of all, sopa de lentijes, or lentil soup! Who knew my favorite hot dish would follow me across the Atlantic, but it did. She puts meat in it, actually chorizo, and the sabor is delightful. Huele bien!

Jungfrau, Interlaken, Switzerland

Someone mentioned in my Art & Design class the other day about Interlachen, Switzerland and how the city is infamous for the breath-taking landscapes where most people make a pilgrimage to skydive. I really hope I can rally someone to come and take the adventure with me. I am willing to pay to have one of the most life-changing experiences this semester.

Also, my friend Connor came across an ad on the metro the other day about free Catalan language courses. WHAT?! I’m going to inquire about this, so that I can sign up for it. More and more, I want to delve myself into the Catalonian culture, learn as much as I can and about things I want and desire to learn about, be open to new things. If they don’t work out, then accept it and move on to the next thing that seems promising. I came across this website that posts daily cultural events happening in Barcelona, which pointed to some interesting art exhibits on landscapes–one dealing with photographs of extreme conditions faced in certain landscapes and the other offering a birds eye view perspective into urban cities. Worth checking out.

Right now, all I know how to say in Catalan:

apples – pommas, socks – michongs, fork – forquillado, very good – molve, glass cup – got

The other day in Contemporary Spanish Art, we watched videos from this Italian media artist Marco Brambilla, and at first, I felt uncomfortable watching his videos. But after I began to examine the different techniques he uses to convey interesting points of view, I appreciated his work more than at first impression. I especially enjoyed his message behind Excerpt from Cathedral. The video looks like the mosaic, stained-glass windows you see in church, but actually these patterns in the video are made up of things you see at the mall, including the mall itself. The video’s message intends to convey that consumerism is today’s religion and the people call the mall their church.

See video below:


Thank you Jo, LOVES THIS SONG.



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