2 Feb

Last night, Brittany, Christina, Carolyn, and I saw a flamenco show at Placa Real. It was a small little theater, quite cozy, actually, and intimate. The stage fit perfectly for the group of five performing, a percussionist, two flamenco dancers, a singer, and guitarist. The female dancer only performed once. She wore this bright red dress that fluttered in the air so gracefully. The bold sound of her heels tapping combined with his drew me in while the Spanish singer whose voice so strong and commanding, not harsh but soothing to the ears, sounded so unified with the beats of the drum and the strumming of the guitar. All on stage appeared seamless in their individual performances, and so passionate.

I especially gravitated to the woman, whose eyes fixated with an intensity to the tapping of the male flamenco dancer’s shoes and the rhythm of his motion. The way she looked at him screamed of a chemistry that even I could feel all the way in the back of the room.

The man’s singing, along with the guitarist and percussionist playing, was my favorite part about the flamenco show.

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Some Flamenco for thought:

Cepa Andaluza, Paco De Lucia

Flamenco Carlos Saura, Paco De Lucia


Lorienne and I have mutually come to the conclusion that there are no better bars in town than ones with negra in the name of their bar. After the Flamenco show last night, we tried out Rosa Negra on Laetana, Mojitos and Margaritas for 3 Euros. They served the best portions of Nachos and Guacamole because half the plate was filled with guacamole and the other of nachos. The Best.

…and then I learned about some UK bands that played some pretty good music, like The Joy Division and Metronomy.