Retro 80s neon onesies for snowboarding

26 Jan


Lorienne and I spent all day, in and out of HUMANA second-hand clothing stores trying on one-piece snow suits of all colors. We finally both settled on our favorites at the last store (because each store we go to keeps having better and better choices for us to pick from)–hers a salmony-pink with sick pattern on top and mine a mix of magenta and turquoise. I cannot imagine how we will be received on the slopes of the Pyrenees in Andorra, but all I can say is that we will be noticed from miles away.

SCORE 1 for me, finding this awsome Goodwill-esque clothing store.

SCORE 2 for Lorienne, finding the gay bars and wonderful Greek Mediterranean cuisine, which we will have to return to another time.

SCORE 3 for Brittany, seeing our house dad Pepé with just a t-shirt and his tight little boxer brief underwear, half asleep this morning, greeting hola to Brittany as she walks out of the bathroom trying not to stare down his junk.

I cannot wait for all the other embarassingly awkward moments that happen in this homestay.