Andorra and my café con leche

25 Jan

Condom Land is located right outside of my apartment building. The store’s mascot is a smiling condom.

Some customs I’ve learned so far:

  1. People eat with both their hands on top of the table whereas in America, we sometimes put our hand under the table and use one hand to maneuver through the food in our plate
  2. People usually have fruit for dessert after dinner, which will mostly be mandarin oranges or pears (peeled)
  3. I don’t know if it’s just my host mom or other host moms but the way the food is displayed at home looks exactly the same as how it is presented in restaurants. For example, my host mom prepares salad every night and the way she cuts and arranges the tomatoes, sprinkles the corn, and tops the salad with tuna looks exactly as how I would receive the plate of salad if I ordered it in any of the tapas bars in town

The other day, we complained about missing some typical foods we used to have all the time in the States like spaghetti with red sauce, meat sauce. So we came across this “Panera-style” fast food restaurant that sold all kinds of pasta dishes called Pasta Fiore. It costed me about 6 Euros but I had a spaghetti with Bologna meat sauce and it was glorious. I should have known to resist my temptation because the next two days, we first had red sauce with sausages and spaghetti carbonara, and second we had penne with red sauce and queso. Coincidental?

Today, Lorienne and I heard about this ski trip to Andorra with UPF at the beginning of February, so hopefully I can deposit that slip and fichar or sign up for the trip. I went into a consignment shop on my home and saw this retro neon onesie all in purple with some fox design for 15 Euros. Maybe this is a sign that I definitely need to go on the trip.


  1. Cost will be 250 Euros total-ish


  1. Good way to begin the semester at UPF
  2. Meet some local Barcelonans who also love to snowboard
  3. Snowboarding for two days straight
  4. Ski lodges
  5. Cute snow gear (if I can manage to find some cheap second-hands or that red and white onesie at the Decathlon store here in Barcelona)
  6. Parrrtyy at a ski resort
  7. Powder
  8. Landscapes and vistas
  9. Hot chocolate…scratch that café con leche

I learned about the different types of coffee offered in Spain. All have a shot of espresso as their base.

  1. café con leche – espresso, coffee (less watered down from American coffee), a lot of milk; usually taken at breakfast time up until 2pm and at night after dinner
  2. cortado – espresso, coffee, a little milk; usually taken after lunch
  3. café (solo) – espresso, coffee; usually taken after lunch
  4. café doble – same as solo only with an extra shot of espresso
  5. café con hielosolo with a cup of ice on the side, taken in the summers

I don’t think I can go back to drinking coffee without whole milk, un basito de café con leche is such a treat to have every morning.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find ways to get to Morocco. whyyyyyy?!?